BENEFITS and OUTCOMES from Taking the Course

  • Expand your leadership skills with a state-of-the-art leadership framework where everyone contributes in some way

  • Learn about the major leadership theories and the key take-aways from each

  • Understand influence better, which of the 11 influence tactics you tend to use, and the four tactics that research shows gives the best outcomes

  • Learn how to use your mind differently - more effectively - in ways that improve objectivity, working with and adapting to change, decision making, creativity and more!

  • Learn mind tools to shed stress and overwhelm so you can stay clear, grounded in the midst of activity, and build resilience

  • Observe more- react less

LpM Course Curriculum

    1. A message from the instructor

    2. How to use this course

    1. Welcome and Course Materials Review

    2. LpM Course Overview

    3. Chapter 1 Overview

    4. Five Ways to Up Your Learning

    5. Why Meditation to Improve Leadership Outcomes

    6. Getting Started with Meditation

    7. Establishing Your New Meditation Practice: The Learning Feedback Loop

    8. Obstacles and Tips

    9. Tapping Into Your Subconscious Mind

    10. Creating a Meditation Action Plan

    11. Chapter 1 - Exercises

    1. Introduction

    2. Three Skills of Concentration

    3. Four Step Cycle of Concentration

    4. Intensifying: Getting Curious

    5. Intensifying: 3-Part Breath

    6. Mindfulness of Breathing 2 - Preparation for the Meditation

    7. Five Obstacles to Meditation

    8. Review of Concentration

    9. Intro to the Informal Practices

    10. Three Impediments

    11. CPOC: Catch-Pause-Observe-Choose

    12. The Three Sighs

    13. Informal Practices Review

    14. Chapter 2 Exercises

    1. Introduction

    2. Leadership Theories - A Short Review

    3. Defining Leadership - Part 1

    4. Influence Tactics

    5. Leadership That All of Us Can Do- Direction, Aligned Execution, and Commitment

    6. Chapter 3 - Exercises

    1. Chapter 4 - Overview

    2. Why Compassion Matters

    3. Defining Compassion

    4. Research Findings

    5. Training in Compassion

    6. Chapter Exercises

    1. Chapter Overview

    2. A Short Review of Course Main Points

    3. Potential Leadership Outcomes You May See

    4. How Soon Might I See Results?

    5. Tips to Make Your Learning Stick

    6. Chapter 5 Follow-On Tips

About this course

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  • 45 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content
  • 30-Day money back guarantee if not satisfied.


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“Dr. Presley, you present some amazing stuff! I'm still just a dabbler in the mindfulness work but oh how I can see its value. We all need to supercharge our minds to be more effective leaders and better people. In the short time, I've been following the guided meditations in the course, I've felt a sense of calm (which I kind of expected). What is amazing though, is the way I feel hyper-aware of things and an increased interest in the well-being of those around me. There was so much information that was new to me, I was fearful that I couldn't retain it without having to go through each section again (and again). However, the final section of the course did a great job of reviewing the details and putting everything in order.”

Dirk, Advertising Professional

“Dr. Presley is a joy to listen to. He masterfully shows how letting your innate humanity take centerstage while expressing your role as a leader, is really the best way to achieve lasting positive outcomes for your company or organization. As he so clearly explains, mindfulness and meditation will allow your innate abilities to come to the forefront without the mental and emotional distractions that get in the way. Dr. Presley, better than anyone I've come across, conveys these transformative principles in a way that is super easy to understand and absorb. I recommend his course to anyone in a leadership position or anyone else who sees themselves coming into a leadership role.”

John, CEO

“I really found this to be a very well-rounded course. With the support of research findings, Dr . Steve gives you the tools to increase your metacognitive awareness through the 2x daily practice of meditation. Through this practice, I find myself more aware of when my mind wanders and also more aware of when I am not being objective. However, my absolute favorite part of the course is the connection between compassion and leadership. The Love & Kindness meditation is a great day to start the work day if, like me, you are someone who starts work irritable and closed off. I recommend this course to anyone trying to become a better leader or a more effective individual contributor.”

Katie, Recruiter

“What an enjoyable and practical course blending leadership development with mindfulness and meditation practice. I found the practical application of informal and formal meditation practices to be helpful in encouraging my personal re-exploration in this area. I appreciated Dr. Presley's real-world application of research-based practices that helped shine a light for my own reflection my leadership journey and challenged me to focus on key areas to continue to build. While I have previously participated in seminars focusing singly on mindfulness or leadership, I found this concise and practical course a thoughtful blend to move one's leadership development forward through disciplined daily practice. I believe this course offers takeaways that serve the entry-level and more seasoned leader.”

Keegan, Execitive Vice President

Course Instructor

Stephen Presley, Ph.D.

Founder of Upgrading Leaders

Dr. Steve’s experience is an unusual blend of leadership, management, technical, people development, meditation, and musician. He is the founder of Upgrading Leaders. Steve has over 16 years of experience creating courses, teaching adults, and coaching individuals and leaders. His Ph.D. work focused on adult development and leadership in complex environments. His corporate experience spans technical, managerial, and organizational domains. With over 15 years of experience meditating and learning from some of the planet’s finest teachers (E.g., Dr. Dan Brown, Alan Wallace, Glenn Mullin, and Keith Dowman), Steve loves providing beginning meditators with instructions and guidance in a way that gets them started in the right direction in a way they can relate to and rapidly grow their practice and skills.

Upgrade your leadership and mind skills today!